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New Degrees of Resolution
Simultaneous multicolor resolution down to 140 nm
Pushing your confocal to its resolution limits requires highly
sensitive detection with low noise.
HyVolution combines super-sensitive HyD detectors with
industry-leading Huygens deconvolution by SVI. This combination
achieves a lateral resolution down to 140 nm and delivers crisp
multicolor images, which convey every detail at high fidelity.
How to Maximize Resolution
Use super-sensitive HyD detectors for high SNR images
Get 2x more resolution and 6x more contrast
Achieve up to 10 times faster deconvolution using CUDA™
Get sub-30 nm super-resolution with the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X

Detect Fluorescence with More Sensitivity
Less phototoxicity and more viability for developing organisms.
All optical components of the Leica TCS SP8 are matched to preserve
photons for brilliant images full of contrast.
More Details
With the synergies of the multiband spectral detector, acousto-optical
beam splitter (AOBS), and super-sensitive Leica HyDs you get a
confocal microscope with maximum photon efficiency and gapless
spectral detection. This superior sensitivity directly translates into
reduced laser power for cell viability and resolution.
Even more Sensitivity
The Leica TCS SP8 platform offers advanced possibilities for gentle
imaging of sensitive samples.
Multiphoton (MP) imaging reduces out-of-focus excitation and increases
the viability of your samples.
Light sheet imaging with the Leica TCS SP8 DLS offers low illumination
and high-speed acquisition, which reduces phototoxic effects and
allows you to follow developing organisms over time.