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Olympus IX53 Inverted Microscope

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The IX53 has been designed from the ground up to be the finest microscope available for routine inverted microscopic analysis. The combination of excellent optical performance and mechanical quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort for regular use. Features such as the pre-centered phase contrast, relief contrast and the flexible UIS2 DIC optics enable easy visualization across all magnifications for both thin and thick specimens. Available condensers with different working distances and long working objectives allow observation and documentation of even the most complex samples.
Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs

The IX53 system is the ideal solution for routine analysis. End-users can improve research efficiency by recording cell dynamics across a wide area. Reliability can also be enhanced through accurate position and light reproducibility.
Reliable, Clear and High-Resolution Images

Olympus UIS2 infinity-corrected optics ensure high optical transmittance with a broad range of objectives. UIS2 optics feature wide chromatic correction and enable high resolution, high S/N primary images regardless of the observation method. The wide field of view and Fly-Eye lens system provide uniform fluorescence images and enable the use of sCMOS cameras with large sensors.
Apochromatic Objectives Enable High-Resolution Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Observation

Phase contrast apochromatic objectives (UPLSAPO100XOPH, PLAPON60XOPH) enable high-precision imaging free from image shift, even during simultaneous phase contrast and fluorescence observation. This eliminates the need to change objectives when switching observation methods.