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Olympus CKX53 Inverted Microscope

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Olympus’ renowned optical expertise has given rise to the new CKX53 microscope, tailored to the cell culture process. At the core of the CKX53 are the superior Olympus UIS2 objectives with a large field number of 22, providing the basis for excellent image quality. Using the 2X objective, observation is possible over areas of up to 11 mm in diameter. This wide field of view saves processing time through allowing quick screening of cell culture samples without the need to move the stage - and is ideal for observing large embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell colonies in a variety of different microtiter plate formats. Fast processing is vital to minimise the time precious live cells are removed from optimal incubation conditions, and this is further facilitated by the new Olympus unique integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) system. Removing the need to prepare or centre the objectives when moving between 4X and 40X magnification, Phase Contrast observations are fast and efficient with the CKX53. The quality of Phase Contrast observation is also enhanced with the novel Olympus IVC technique, enabling 3D views devoid of halos or directional shadows. In addition to Phase Contrast and brightfield, high contrast fluorescence imaging is possible for multiple signals, utilising the advanced technology of the successful IX3 inverted microscope series.

Key Features:

Quality UIS2 optics with FN22 provides a comprehensive view
Brightfield, contrast and fluorescence imaging capabilities
Fast and efficient Phase Contrast with iPC
Novel IVC optical technique
Small, ergonomic workflow-optimised design
Bright LED illumination requires minimal upkeep

Relevant Applications:

Cell cultivation
Stem cell research
Life science research
Regenerative medicine
Drug development