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Multiphoton Microscope Leica TCS SP8 MP
A confocal microscope based on visible light can leave many details
invisible. Sometimes the image you need is hidden deep within tissues,
which not only scatter light but are damaged by it too.
The excellent optical design of Leica TCS SP8 multiphoton (MP) system
makes use of long wavelengths of fully integrated infrared (IR)
excitation lasers, the high efficiency of HyD detectors, and an
infrared-optimized optical transmission. These allow you to deeply
penetrate into the tissue with super-sensitivity and to uncover the
finest details of cellular and subcellular processes.
So whether you work with thick organ sections, intact organs or entire
live model organisms, let us show you everything the Leica TCS SP8 MP
has to offer.
Obtain Excellent Results with Every Sample
High variety of IR laser sources, with a range of up to 1300 nm
Fully integrated software control of IR laser
Superior sensitivity with Leica HyD NDD detectors
Quad detection module for fast and sensitive multicolor imaging
High-speed 8 and 12 kHz resonant scanner for fast live cell imaging
and fast z stacking
Superior motCORR IR objectives with motorized correction collar adapt
to sample depth
Dedicated CLARITY and BABB objectives for whole organ imaging up to 6 mm depth
Modular Leica TCS SP8 platform easily upgrades to MP or other advanced
imaging systems (WLL, FLIM, SMD, STED)
Intuitive software control by LAS X
Imagine Imaging More Deeply
The thicker the sample, the more deeply light must penetrate. The more
scattering occurs, the less information is obtained.
With multiphoton microscopy, you can use the fact that scattering
decreases with longer wavelengths to your advantage. Using light in
the red and extended IR spectrum ensures limited scattering and deeper
Offering motorized correction, dedicated IRAPO objectives and
super-sensitive HyD detectors, the Leica TCS SP8 MP optimizes three
crucial parameters: optical properties, color correction, and
Make a Deep Impact with the Leica TCS SP8 MP
Achieve best optical performance with the motCORR motorized correction collar
Efficiently collect photons with super-sensitive non-descanned HyD detectors
Optimally correct colors up to 1300 nm with Leica IRAPO high-NA objectives
Discover broadband anti-reflective coatings for highest transmission
in the visible and infrared spectrum