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OLympus BX43 Upright Microscope

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Key Features:
True colour LED illumination
Various contrast methods
Light Intensity Manager
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out
Digital imaging platform for a wide range of camera systems

The Olympus BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique colour-matched LED brightfield illumination, it offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space-efficient frame of the Olympus BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost performance, making it an ideal and versatile standalone microscope for standard imaging applications, and also the perfect starting point for digital imaging, motorisation and even fluorescence – it is future-lab-ready so that you can be too.

Trust your eyes - true colour LED Illumination
Olympus is taking brightfield to the next level with the most advanced mixed-matrix brightfield LED technology currently available. This new true-colour LED has been designed to provide a colour rendering index very similar to that of halogen bulbs with daylight filters. This means that stain colours appear exactly the same under the true colour LED as they do under daylight filtered halogen, and also that similar (but not the same) colours can be clearly differentiated. Such clarity cannot be provided by standard LEDs as they cannot provide the same colour rendering capabilities and thus diagnostic imaging becomes difficult. This advanced colour rendering technology therefore provides a wavelength range ideal for the most commonly used stain colours - purple, blue and red (e.g. haematoxylin and eosin – HE or Papanicolaou stain - Pap).

Increased efficiency - Light intensity management (LIM)
Due to their nature, LEDs are ideal for transmitted bright field illumination as they offer easy intensity control, with a constant colour temperature profile over the entire intensity range. Olympus has maximised this distinct benefit with the built-in Light Intensity Manager (LIM), which provides an easy to use interface for setting and automating brightness levels associated with each different objective, reducing the fine adjustments usually completed by the user with each objective. The Olympus LIM works in collaboration with the unique Olympus true-colour LED transmitted light source and coded nosepieces (5 and 7 positions), to automatically adjust the illumination intensity to the user’s pre-defined levels with each objective change.

Building your system – ultimate flexibility
With the BX43 it is possible to start with a standard manual brightfield microscope set-up and then adapt the system as the requirements change, for example additional condensers and objectives could be added to cover a broader range of techniques, a trinocular observation tube makes it possible to add a digital imaging camera which, in turn, makes the Olympus labSens software an excellent addition for digital documentation and case tracking. The BX43 can also support reflected fluorescence, ensuring that, with the increasing number of clinically-relevant fluorescence techniques, your microscopy system can be easily adapted to suit, whilst still providing the same transmitted white light capabilities.

Future Lab Ready – system solutions
An increasing number of application areas require clinicians to capture, store and annotate the images they produce. As a result, even if these requirements are not currently needed the microscope you buy today should be ready for the digital future. With the Olympus BX3 microscopes, related accessories and digital camera range, as well as the dedicated labSens software, clinicians have the scope to match their current requirements; safe in the knowledge they are ready for the future, whichever direction it takes their imaging needs