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Leica M205 C

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-5 C optics carrier
-Trinocular ErgoTube 100% M-serie
-Objective Planapo 1.0x M-series
-Eyepiece 10x/23B, adjustable, 2nd gen
-Motor Focus drive short 420mm M-series
-Power cable, 2 m, Australia type F
-SmartTouch TM control unit
-Universal microscope carrier AX
-Clamp-combi light guide - highend M-ser
-Leica LED5000 SLI
-Leica LED5000 HDI (TM)
-Leica TL5000 Ergo Transmitted Light Base
-ST Adapter column on TL Bases
-Leica MC170 HD Camera & SW Kit
-c-mount Video Adapter 0.5x

M205 C
The modular Leica M205 C, the world’s first stereo microscope
to offer 20.5:1 zoom, resolves structural detail down to 476nm.
Through the simultaneous combination of maximum depth of
focus and high resolution, Leica Microsystems’Fusion Optics™
technology allows the user to clearly see more details of the
sample. This fully apochromatically corrected stereo microscope
with integrated electronic readout of the magnification is also a
perfect imaging system. Capable of performing numerous tasks,
the Leica M205 C makes work faster and easier