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Digital polarizing microscope ME51 can be used in single polarization observation, orthogonal polarization observation and conoscope observation. It is widely applicable to research and inspection of geology and chemical engineering as well as liquid polymer materials observation, biopolymers observation and the crystalline phase observation of liquid crystal materials. It is an ideal instrument for the research and teaching in universities.
The digital camera adopts USB2.0 interface which can output high resolution digital image signal. Its bundle software has the powerful function of image capture and processing which can achieve image shooting and analyzing.
Features of digital polarizing microscope ME51:
Equipped with strain-free plan achromatic objectives or infinity strain-free plan achromatic objective and wide field eyepiece.
Converter center adjustable
Coarse/fine coaxial focusing, micro-grid values: 2μm, with locking and limited devices.
Dismountable polarizer: 360°polarization direction with 0,90,180,270 four stalls under the aperture.
Push-in polarizer: 360°polarization direction, convenient to move out the optical path.
Rotatable stage (Φ150mm), 360° evenly divided, minimum retardation resolution 6', center adjustable, with locking
6V20W Halogen bulb, brightness adjustable
Digital imaging system: 5 megapixels digital imaging system, high speed USB2.0 interface, 5fps@2592x194, 19fps@640x480,with user-friendly image analysis software.