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Digital stereo microscope ME61 is an excellent combination of traditional optical microscope and digital imaging system by photoelectric transducer. Users can not only do observation through eyepiece, but also can view real-time observation dynamic images on the PC screen as well as edit, save and print the images.
ME61 digital stereo microscope is a stereoscopic microscope. The main usages are as following:

Zoology,botany,entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology and geology.
Inspection of raw materials and cotton fabric in textile industry.
Inspection tools of transistor welding and other operations in electronic industry.
Various material cracks constitute, pore shape corrosion inspection.
Machine tools device for manufacturing small size precision parts, working procedure inspection, precision parts inspection and assembly tools.
Inspection of surface quality of lenses, prisms and other transparent material, and precision scale quality inspection.
Distinguish the true and false of the documents and notes.
Widely used in textile products, chemical, plastic products, electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing,food processing, printing industry, universities and archaeological research, etc.